Team | VP Aviation Technical Services
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Our team of experts have over 25 Years of providing quality solutions to maintenance repair organizations.

VP Aviation Technical Services, Inc. has been providing quality solutions to Maintenance Repair Organizations since 1993.

The majority of VP Aviation technicians have over 15 years of individual structures experience. Providing our clients with some of the most experienced technicians in the business is our top priority.

Meet The VP Aviation Team

Tom Ventresco
President / CEO

As President and CEO of VP Aviation, Tom drives the company to provide the highest level of skilled technicians to the aviation industry and provide customers with a high level of customer service… READ MORE

Michael Chally
VP of Sales and Marketing

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VP Aviation, Mike is responsible for developing relationships, strategic planning, and providing first class customer service for customers in the aviation… READ MORE

Jennifer Pullara
Director of Business Operations

As Director of Business Operations, Jennifer oversees the day-to-day activities of VP Aviation. Her primary goal is to ensure that the entire company runs efficiently while the needs of the clients and the… READ MORE

TJ Lode
Recruiting Specialist

As Recruiting Specialist TJ is responsible for all talent acquisition for VP Aviation, TJ is accountable for developing and providing customers with correct aviation personnel for their specific aviation projects… READ MORE

Kelly King
Compliance Manager

As a Compliance Manager for VP Aviation, Kelly is responsible for ensuring that the company is in compliance with DOT FAA regulations for the Drug & Alcohol Program in regards to Pre-Employment and Random… READ MORE