VP Aviation provides highly experienced Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to Airlines and MROs for Supplemental Hourly Labor, Fixed Bid Projects and AOG Services. The majority of VP Aviation Aircraft Technicians are Structures Mechanics with over 15 years of individual experience in heavy maintenance having already performed pickle fork replacements on B767s. VP Aviation can quickly gather a rapid response pickle fork replacement team and have them in your hangar in a moment’s notice.

Having years of experience with pickle fork replacements on B767s our experienced team will easily manage this project from Bid to Completion in the shortest time possible. VP Aviation Technical Services is your experienced solution.

Let us help you be proactive and get your game plan in place.

For more information visit www.vpaviation.net or contact Tom Ventresco at 614-361-9582 / tom.ventresco@vpaviation.net

About VP Aviation: VP Aviation was founded and is led by a highly regarded, former Structures Mechanic, Mr. Tom Ventresco. Tom started VP Aviation in 1993 to provide Airlines, MROs and Repair Stations with highly experienced Technicians who take pride in their work and can keep your project on time and within budget.