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Women in Aviation Week: Susan Johnson

We are celebrating Women in Aviation week (March 6-11, 2023) and we thought we would have some fun with the leading ladies of VP Aviation! In this article we will dig deeper into our Project Engagement Manager, Susan Johnson and her career in aviation.

Susan’s entire career has been in aviation which started with obtaining her Aircraft Dispatch license. Through some career twists and turns, she landed firmly with the VP Aviation team in charge of all outreach. Susan is the force behind all of our social media posts, media and PR.

She comes from a family of aviation enthusiasts including a Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Engineer and her beautiful daughter is who is an A&P Mechanic specializing in avionics.

We asked Susan to tell us more!

Why VP Aviation?
VP Aviation has one the best reputations in the industry. When I had the opportunity to join the team I jumped at the chance to work for Tom Ventresco and Mike Chally. It’s been a GREAT road thus far and I look forward to being a part of the growth and expansion of our mobile aviation maintenance teams performing AOG, Project and Supplemental Hourly Support.

Who is your Hero?
I have a few heroes. My mother, who told me I could do anything! My daughter who is an A&P Mechanic and worked her way through a man’s industry to be a respected member of the community. Lastly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg whose philosphy on getting people on your side… “Fight for the things that you care bout, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you”.

What is one thing about yourself you are proud of?
When people ask me this I say the birth of my children. But the sparkle behind my eye is the day I earned my Aircraft Dispatch license. I drove home on such a high! I did that for ME! Then when I got home I cleaned the bathrooms and took out the garbage, but I did it with an Aircraft Dispatch license! ha!

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