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The Energy, Loyalty and Honesty Behind VP Aviation

VP Aviation it is a team of highly experienced and talented Aircraft Maintenance Technicians with the majority being expert Aircraft Structures Mechanics.  VP Aviation was founded and is led by the dynamic Tom Ventresco, a former structures mechanic who created VP Aviation to help other mechanics.  Tom, Tommy to those who know him, talks about his background, fixing airplanes and the mission of VP Aviation Technical Services.

Tell us a little bit about VP Aviation.  What aviation maintenance solutions do you provide MROs, Airlines and Repair Stations?

We come in and talk Structures.  Let’s find the best solution for your problem whether that be a Flat Rate bid, an AOG team or supplemental hourly labor.  It’s hard to find good mechanics these days and you want the best working on your airplanes.  We work with your maintenance managers and crews on a technical level to find the safest and most cost-effective way to fix the airplane.

What is it you want folks to know about VP Aviation?

We know how to fix airplanes.  We are not just a routine staffing company.  We are not just going to send you people; we understand your needs and how to fix the airplane… personally.  We are a fair company.  We know your budget and if we can fix the airplane within that budget at a fair return we will, if we can’t I’m going to tell you we can’t.

What sets VP Aviation apart from its competitors?

Loyalty and Honesty

There are people who will get mad at me, but at the end of the day we are going to tell you what we are going to do, and we are going to do just that.  I have been in some jams before with staffing issues, but we make it work, even if it’s at a loss.  When you hire VP Aviation we are going to be there, we are going to get the job done.  We stand by our work, that’s the key.

Most of us all know that you are a former Structures Mechanic, but how did you get started in Aviation Maintenance?

It was through a friend.  A buddy of mine was working in Aviation Maintenance at Rockwell International and his company needed a good basketball player.  I had a full ride to Wright University under a basketball scholarship, but it just wasn’t the right time, so I took my buddy up on his offer and they started me as an Aircraft Structures Technician.     After a short stint at another company, I ended up at ABX Air, where I spent my career learning, listening and elevating my skills becoming the Project Manager.

You have an incredible reputation in the aviation maintenance industry for being one of the most talented, hardworking and fair persons out there.   What are some of the successful traits you’ve put into VP Aviation?

We are a fair company.  We are about doing the job right at a fair return and paying our experienced and talented mechanics a pay rate they deserve.  We are about doing what we say we will do even if it means I must take a loss to pay my mechanics right and to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget in the safest way possible.  To me reputation is everything.  It’s not about the volume or the profit margin, it’s about doing what’s right and helping others.

You have a team of Aircraft Mechanics that have 15 years or more of individual maintenance experience.  What are some of the traits you are looking for in an Aircraft Mechanic that would like to join your team?

Be willing to learn!  Listen and Come to Work!  One of my best Structures Mechanics is an A&P Mechanic who was willing to learn.  If you are willing to learn and listen, you are going to do good.

What advice would you offer an Aircraft Mechanic?

  • Listen to your senior Mechanics!
  • Come to Work
  • Be willing to listen and learn.
  • Be diversified. If you are an A&P Mechanic don’t just be an A&P, learn Structures, learn Avionics it will make you more money in the long run.

How has VP Aviation stayed so successful since 1992?

We provide expert and good quality technicians. We stand behind our work and our mechanics.   We have little overhead and can work unique situations.

VP Aviation is a family oriented and honest company.  We are a company that cares about airplanes, mechanics and your facility.


For more information on how VP Aviation Technical Services can provide you with aviation maintenance solutions please visit or reach out to our Vice President of Sales, Mike Chally directly at or 630.258.8267.

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